The spherical horn ist the most perfect,

and at the same time most complex means

of transmitting sound.

Specially modified mid frequencies and tweeter

drivers are mounted at the centre of the horns.

The optimal contour of the horn was defined

using software developed specially for Vienna Physix.

The result of countless metering tests

were input into this program

before the contour of the horn could

be machined.

The result is perfect spherical horns

such as have never been manufactured before.



The active amplification of low frequencies

was a logical consequence of the

high efficiency of the horns.

An amplifier in the base of the Diva controls

the bass range, allowing your home hi-fi system

to develop the medium and high-frequency

ranges to the full.

The housing of the subwoofers achieve

a high degree of stability coupled with

low resonance thanks to their special design and

choice of materials.

Patented LF absorbers are used to suppress

low-frequency vibrations. The housings are also

lined with rubber and -steel mats.

Sound absorption is achieved using only natural,

hand felted sheep's wool.

spherical horn shape


Medium and high frequencies are

reproduced by spherical horns.

This is the only type of horn

whose shape can be precisley defined

with specific start and end points.

Sound distribution is geometrically precise,

significantly reducing distortion.

The radiation characteristics of the horns

reduce the impact of room acoustics on the

actual listening experience.

The midrange speaker handles

the frequency range of 280 to 2400 hertz,

with the  tweeter controlling frequencys

above this range.

This high separation frequency

reduces membrane stroke and helps

the tweeter to develope its qualities to the full:

crystal clear high notes,

unrestrained impetuosity. 



A 500 watt amplifier takes the low frequencys

from an active coupler and feeds them

to the low-frequency driver.

Its circuit topology is designed for minimum

output impedance, enabling it to achieve

a maximum damping factor, which

results in the absolute control of the woofer membrane.

The volume control enables the individual adjustment

of the bass module to the listening room.

The passive audio crossover

for medium and high frequencies

is also mounted in the base.

For this purpose we use exclusively quality

components from the high-end manufacturer

"Jantzen Audio, Denmark".

In order to ensure a perfect stereo experience,

we pair all coils and capacitors

prior to installation.


3-Weg Hybrid 3 way hybrid speaker  
Hochtonhorn Highrange Horn Ø 180mm
Mitteltonhorn Midrange Horn Ø 500mm 
Hochtontreiber Highrange Driver 1"
Mitteltontreiber Midrange Driver 5"
Tieftöner Woofer 10"
Trennfrequenzen crossover frequency 280 / 2400 Hz
B x T x H (cm) W x D x H (cm) 50 x 68 x 121
Bauartgewicht Modelweight 60 kg
Leerlauf Stand-by 0,5 Watt nach / according IEC62301
Leistungsaufnahme Power consumption 600 Watt
Netzspannung Power supply voltage max. 240V/50Hz