It is not the right angle

that attracts me,

nor the straight line, hard and inflexible,

created by man.

It is the curve that appeals me,

free and sensual,

in the curve that i find in the mountains

of my homeland,

in the course of its winding rivers,

in the wave of the sea,

and in the body of a desirable woman.

The entire universe

is made up of curves -

Einstein's curved universe.

(Oskar Niemeyer)



Before every Diva grandezza leaves the factory,

it passes trough the hands

of countless craftsmen - joiners,

electroacoustic engineers, polishers.

Our intensive collaboration with an

aircraft manufacturer process for our

sophisticated woofer housing of

composite materials.

The element to which the medium and

high frequency horn is attached

is laminated of 16 hardwood veneers.

This method of producing curved wooden

components comes from the traditional craft

of boatbuilding.

It is only the sum of all skills that

gives the Diva

its aura of perfection.